5 Great Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room

Mar 24, 2021

What are some of the best ways I can decorate my place with pictures? That’s a question many college students will be asking themselves after they move into their dorm rooms; I know I did when I first moved into mine. Luckily, that question has an easy solution once you’ve signed up for FamMail. You can decorate your place with your very own photos! And there are plenty of creative ways you can display your photos all throughout your place.

Adorning the Walls

So, okay… we’re starting with the most obvious. We can’t talk about decorating a space with photos without talking about how you can hang them on the walls. But it’s not as simple and boring as taking a piece of tape and attaching it to your picture and – done! Like I said before, you can get creative with it.

One of the benefits of the FamMail subscription is that you will not be in short supply of photos to play with. One of the ways I used them was to decorate the frame around the door to my dorm. Whenever you walk in and out of my room, you are greeted with dozens of pictures of my friends and family (and the occasional selfie). I’ve also turned one of my walls specifically into my “photo wall.” It started off with just a few photos, but now it’s turned into this crazy cool overlapping collage. I love to stand in front of it and just let my eyes get lost in the maze of memories.

Creating Posters or Artwork

Another cool thing about these photos is that they are yours. You can do whatever you want to them! My roommate took advantage of that and decided to get crafty with their photos. They cut up a bunch of them and glued them back together into this amazing collage. And before they hung it up in our dorm room, they were able to use it for one of their art projects for class!

Covering Your Furniture

Another cool idea is to cover some of your furniture in your photos. I had purchased these great cube storage containers that also doubled as some additional seating in my dorm room. I loved them for how versatile they were, but they were just these boring blue boxes in my room. I wanted to add some personality to them; MY personality. What better way to do that than cover them with photos from my life. It makes them totally unique! My roommate also covered their laptop case with some of their photos and the top of their desk too. The options are limitless!

Photo Albums or Picture Frames

This is probably a more old-school idea, but I genuinely like it; photo albums. When I think of photo albums, I think back to when my mom would show me our old family photo albums. There was something more… intimate, more loving, and more memorable about having the physical photos in that book. Every turn of the page was like reading an old familiar story. I wanted to have that too. And as a bonus, the album makes for a great coffee table book. Anyone that comes over will want to look and learn all about it.

In another homage to my mom, I wanted to display some of my photos in my dorm in beautiful frames. But these were not the same photos that I was using to decorate the walls and furniture in bulk. These frames were saved for special memories like… holding my baby brother for the first time, posing for senior prom photos with my date, driving back home from Six Flags with the greatest group of friends anyone could ever ask for… sometimes special memories deserve to be elevated above the rest. Putting those memories in special frames is a perfect way to do that.

Some More Great Ideas

This is a real quick simple one but try writing your name on the wall with your photos. Heck, write anything you want!

Keep a record of the year and make a timeline going across the wall in your dorm room!

Put a map of the United States or the entire world on the wall and pin photos to the spots you’ve visited!

If you’ve got kitchen space, keep photos of your favorite meals paired with their recipes.

These are just a few of the ways you can get creative with your FamMail photos. Like I said before, you will be in no short supply of photos to play with; sky’s the limit! You just might find yourself looking for a bigger space to live in just so you have enough space for all your new photo projects.

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